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Video production

We are an event agency and we also focus on video production.

We love to help you bring your ideas to life. First, we focus on understanding your vision and what your goals are. We meet with you to listen to your ideas and understand what you want to convey through video. Whether it’s a promotional video, corporate, product, event coverage or any other type of production, we turn your concepts into reality.

Once we are clear about the approach, we take care of the whole production process. Our team will take care of all aspects, from script writing, storyboarding, editing and final post-production.
We use state-of-the-art equipment and creative techniques to ensure the quality and impact of every video we produce.

We also take care of all the logistical details. We coordinate the hiring of actors, look for the most suitable locations for filming, and take care of any other aspect necessary to ensure a smooth production.

Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive solutions. We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the end result meets your expectations. We not only take care of the video production, but also offer additional services, such as the creation of motion graphics, motion agenda, backgrounds for streaming, backgrounds for chroma key, bursts, incorporation of music and sound effects, adaptation to different formats and platforms.

Let us take your audiovisual project to the next level!



Summarise and highlight your skills and talents in a video or apply for a casting.


Training videos

We make your training projects visually appealing, keeping the viewers’ attention and turning the learner’s experience into something positive.



We fragment and summarise your video to capture the viewer’s attention quickly and effectively. Being short in length, they are ideal for digital platforms and easily shareable.


motion graphics

We include moving visual elements in your videos that combine graphics, animation and special effects to communicate a message in an impactful way or we create your video from scratch completely animated.


summary of events

We select the highlights of your event and turn them into unique pieces. We capture the essence of your event so that attendees can relive the highlights.


product launches

We make your product and its functionality attractive. We analyse your content and target audience. We make sure the content is clear, concise and effective.


motivational corporate video

Summarise and highlight your skills and talents in a video or apply for a casting.


360º video

We create the 360o video experience by fragmenting spaces and creating immersive environments through projection, surround sound and detailed lighting.

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Video production includes
from planning to post-production:

1. Scriptwriting

We develop your idea and transform it into an audiovisual product. To make the process easier for you, we can send you a previous storyboard with your idea, we can start from a text you send us or if you don’t have a previous idea, don’t worry, we can start from scratch.

2. Planning

We adapt your needs to each project, putting all our creative team and resources at your disposal to give shape to your idea.

3. Casting

In case you need actors, we will make the selection according to your needs.

4. Recording

We have a set with chroma key and different backgrounds, as well as multiple environments in our facilities that we can adapt to your project.
We can also record in any outdoor location (offices, hospitals, nature, etc.).

5. Edition

We create the video to measure, either starting from scratch with a new recording or motion graphics, or with the resources you already have. We can adapt it to any format, whether for your event, different screens or for social networks.

6. Post-production

We can carry out any video and audio retouching that your project requires. We can make different video animations, vfx, colour grading… and we can also add voice-over, transcription or translation into any language.

Video production?
We are the team to trust for your projects.

We are the team to trust for your video projects.

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We are proud of each of the projects in which we have participated and in which we have put a large part of ourselves. We are constantly looking for INNOVATION by providing solutions to all your needs.

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