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Event production

From a workshop to filling the Capitol...

We take care of finding and closing the space that best suits the needs of the event.

Once we have the location, we close the materials: assembly and dismantling, catering service, decoration…

We take care of the integral production of the event, coordinating all the necessary aspects to make the event a success.

For this we have a team of professionals, we work hand in hand with our trusted suppliers, to be able to offer any requirement.

Don’t have the space? Don’t worry, we take care of finding and selecting the right space for your event. One less burden.

Decoration is another fundamental aspect that we manage, we design several decoration proposals depending on the breafing of the event, including the selection of furniture, lighting and any other necessary decorative elements.

If you need to hire a catering service, we have several partners, so you can choose according to your needs and preferences. This includes choosing the menu, coordinating the service staff and logistics, based on the event’s agenda.

In event production, stage design is one of the key factors for success.

The scenography is one of the key factors for the success of an event.

We can create a unique atmosphere, whether for a workshop, meeting or conference.

We will work on a scenographic design, we will create or adapt the logo according to the theme, the decoration of the space, the construction of the stage with backdrops, totems with the agenda, corpóreos, lighting, furniture…



Our workshops combine expert presentations with breakout sessions to discuss topics related to the meeting, including panels, lectures and a variety of interactive activities that allow participants to meet other professionals and learn relevant concepts. A productive experience for all attendees



A great opportunity to connect and share information. Reaching a large number of attendees. Conferences and seminars are offered, as well as a variety of workshops and activities to help professionals keep up to date with the latest trends.


Big time

Because we know how important it is to make an impact.
The scenography for large events must be impressive, with details that allow for a differential, memorable atmosphere and that is the perfect setting for the event. For this we will consider the use of lights, ambient music, furniture, decoration and audiovisual elements to achieve the desired atmosphere. This will create an environment that motivates guests, promotes interaction and creates an exciting experience.


In detail

We take care of every detail of each proposal
The production of the set design is created with special attention to detail. Colours, materials and elements are carefully chosen to create a sense of realism.

Own space for the production of events in Madrid

We have our own space for events, our office located in Aravaca (Madrid), has a large set with chroma key for recordings.

In addition to several multi-purpose spaces for simultaneous recordings. A meeting r o o m , with natural lighting; a modern and welcoming space, ideal for meetings and recordings.

We have the latest audiovisual technology: plasmas, sound system, microphones, cameras, lighting… so that nothing goes wrong.

Chroma key set at the headquarters of Azul Marino.

Multi-purpose space with natural light and views of Madrid at our headquarters.

From the planning to the closing of the event:

1. Location

Identification, search and contracting of the best space for your event.

2. Design
and 3D simulation

We start with your idea and help you visualise it before producing it.

3. Scenography

We decorate the chosen space by personalising the materials with the theme of the meeting.

4. Audiovisual support

We create an audiovisual environment: sound, lighting and video using state-of- the-art technical resources.

5. Video production

Multi-camera production in different formats.

6. Streaming

Live broadcasting to reach the maximum number of attendees, including interactive tools.

7. Post-event

Satisfaction survey, access statistics, video editing and follow-up.

We understand, design and develop each project to measure.

Latest event production

We are proud of each of the projects in which we have participated and in which we have put a large part of ourselves. We are constantly looking for INNOVATION by providing solutions to all your needs.

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